Tuesday, March 12, 2019

PEER Bearing Prepares for National Agriculture Day 2019

It would be an understatement to say that agriculture is incredibly important for a country’s economy, food production, and most of all, for its people to thrive. We have agriculture to thank for nearly everything we eat, wear, and use in our day-to-day lives. In America, 11% of our total jobs are available thanks to agriculture; it’s a vital aspect of the national economy and the lives of our citizens.

The Agriculture Council of America (ACA) recognized the opportunity to expand the public's knowledge surrounding the industry and instituted National Agriculture Day in 1973. Ag Day was created to spread awareness and excitement about the industry to Americans across the country. National Ag Day has taken place every March since its inception in 1973, with this year's celebration taking place on March 14th.

National Ag Day centers around recognizing and celebrating the abundance afforded to us thanks to agriculture. This year, the event sports a new "Food for Life" theme. This campaign has been designed to highlight agriculture's role in the production of fiber and food products.

National Ag Day 2019

According to the ACA, these are some of the key priorities for this year’s National Ag Day:

1. To encourage and support organizations, companies, and individuals to engage in dedicated programs and activities on National Agriculture Day.

2. To offer appropriate materials and planning information to interested parties in support of the day’s programs and activities.

3. To inform both trade and general media about the day and provide the information necessary to raise this awareness.

4. To involve the agricultural public relations community in support of National Agriculture Day.

Alongside these priorities, the ACA aims to increase awareness about the industry and agricultural activity through other avenues, as well. In 2019 and beyond, the association will continue its push to teach younger generations about careers in agriculture. Many schools do not provide ample exposure or a curriculum detailing the benefits of agriculture and the spectrum of career opportunities that are associated with it.

Overall, Ag Day is an excellent opportunity for the public to learn about the United States’ agricultural system. Ag Day empowers communities to gain education surrounding how we get our food and where it comes from; this is especially crucial as populations continue to shift to big cities. Most Americans’ direct exposure to agriculture has lessened significantly in recent decades; Ag Day gives the industry a chance to connect with everyday people again.

Agriculture Solutions at PEER Bearing

PEER is proud to do our part in supporting America’s agricultural sector. We offer one of the industry’s largest selections of high-quality bearing solutions: AGXTREME. The AGXTREME product offering includes our SEEDXTREME, TILLXTREME, and TURFXTREME lines, which you can check out here.

Our agriculture bearings are engineered to withstand the test of time and the intensive, in-field demands of agriculture equipment. They were created to increase productivity and contamination exclusion, and they do so diligently. AGXTREME bearings have for many years assisted America’s farmers in keeping their equipment in peak condition—and that translates to peak performance.

This March 14th, join PEER in celebrating National Ag Day and giving the individuals and families behind America’s farms the credit they deserve. Observe the day’s celebrations with us by sending thanks to our farmers, whose work feeds more than 165 million people every day with their hard work and harvests.

To learn more about National Ag Day or the agriculture bearing solutions at PEER, contact us today. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to speak with you about your agricultural needs; we’ll work together to create custom solutions designed to meet your goals.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Introducing FaBXTREME™: PEER’s New Food & Beverage Bearings

PEER Bearing is pleased to announce the release of a brand new line of bearing solutions engineered specifically for use in the food and beverage industry. FaBXTREME bearings are suitable for a wide variety of equipment used in food processing plants, beverage and bottling plants, fruit and vegetable washing, and food packaging. This new line combines the high quality that PEER’s bearings are known for with specifications that adhere to food and beverage industry standards and requirements.

Features and Benefits of FaBXTREME Bearings

PEER Bearing’s new FaBXTREME bearings offer the following benefits for food and beverage applications:

Engineered to be maintenance-free
FaBXTREME bearings eliminate service costs and maintenance-related downtime, and also feature a long service life—even in difficult to reach locations or hazardous environments. Less maintenance not only means lower overall production costs, but also reduces the risk of injury to employees who service the equipment.

• Stainless steel construction
Our FaBXTREME bearings feature inherent protection from the corrosion risks posed by food and beverage production. We designed and engineered this line of bearings to be highly resistant to the negative effects of frequent washdowns.

• FDA/USDA compliant
FaBXTREME bearings are constructed from FDA compliant materials for incidental food contact and utilize premium Mobil grease FM222 lubricant.

• Superior sealing design
The FaBXTREME design includes multi-lip barrier sealing, extended inner rings for shaft stability and dual set screw locking, providing additional strength and durability.

• Drop-in replacement
Fast, easy installation saves labor costs and contributes to productivity through shorter downtime windows.

Long-Lasting Bearings for Years to Come

We created the FaBXTREME line of bearings to mitigate the costs involved with servicing and replacing aged bearings in food and beverage industry equipment. These bearings are made to extend the service life of machinery for years to come.

Our research and development teams create optimal solutions to meet your performance goals while seeking opportunities to reduce bearing-related expenses. The FaBXTREME line from PEER Bearing meets the unique challenges of the food and beverage industry, no matter the demands of your production process.

FaBXTREME’s superior quality is easily visible in a side-by-side comparison. 

Stainless steel FaBXTREME bearings will be available in multiple sizes to cover an extensive range of equipment and applications. The product line will also offer two different housing choices, stainless steel and polymer, to meet a broad spectrum of industry needs.

Bearing Solutions from PEER Bearing

For more than 75 years, PEER Bearing has manufactured and is a global supplier of reliable ball and roller bearing solutions. As an award-winning supplier, we work closely with clients to provide bearing solutions that meet industry challenges while remaining reliable and cost-effective. We have continuously developed and expanded upon our bearing solutions over the years, and will do the same for the FaBXTREME line in years to come.

Contact us today to locate a local distributor near you and to discover how FaBXTREME can improve the efficiency of your food and beverage operations, provide increased safety and lower equipment costs.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

New Global Agricultural Bearing Solutions from PEER

PEER Bearing recently introduced two new bearing products designed specifically for the agricultural market in China. Both solutions are engineered to improve yield and efficiency in the field. These new products add to the agricultural bearing solutions currently offered by PEER, expanding to our existing line of square, round and hex bore, including:

  • AGXTREME bearings that are maintenance-free and designed for harsh applications such as seeding, tillage, and lawn care. 
  • TILLXTREME maintenance-free gang disc tillage bearings that are designed for rugged tillage environments. 
  • TURFXTREME bearings that present an ideal solution for lawn and garden equipment and applications. 
  • SEEDXTREME bearings with improved contamination exclusion extending bearing life. 

Brand New Bearing Solutions for the Chinese Agricultural Market

The new bearing solutions are ideal for use in balers, and feature similar functionality to our other agricultural bearings. The two new products include a plunger roller bearing and a pick up cam follower bearing and were designed to meet China’s particular agriculture needs.

PEER had two initial goals in creating the new products: to improve efficiency to support higher agricultural yields, as well as to reduce the time and costs related to bearing maintenance in agricultural equipment.

The benefits and functionality of our new bearing types include:

  • Strengthened seals to prevent external contamination 
  • Thickened outer rings to increase bearing performance and minimize damage/wear 
  • Specialized agricultural grease to ensure functionality regardless of temperature, season, or geographic location 
  • Minimal field maintenance requirements 
  • Longer service life, reducing demand for bearing replacement 
  • Integrated bearings for efficient machine assembly 

Global Bearing Solutions from PEER

PEER has manufacturing facilities in China, as well as offices in China, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Mexico, and the United States. The new bearings developed for the Chinese agricultural market reflect our company’s increasing global footprint and expanding customer base. We maintain a global warehouse network to ensure that all PEER products remain in stock and can be delivered on time anywhere in the world.

Committed to providing an unbeatable service worldwide, PEER celebrated a milestone in June 2018 after the China-based Zhejiang Xinchang manufacturing plant received the prestigious General Motors Company 2017 Supplier Quality Excellence Award

The Scope of PEER Bearing Capabilities

PEER Bearing provides bearing solutions tailored to each of our international clients, including within the Chinese agricultural industry. We offer a full line of radial, tapered roller, and mounted unit ball bearings. PEER also caters to the needs of a number of other global industries, including:

  • Electrical
  • Industrial transmission
  • Distribution
  • Fluid and fluid-related applications
  • Material handling
  • Off-highway

Our mission is to provide the very best products and services possible. PEER offers a comprehensive catalog of bearing solutions for a wide range of agricultural and industrial applications. Please contact us to see how our bearing solutions can help improve your operation.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

GIE+EXPO 2018: PEER Bearing’s Outdoor Solution Showcase

PEER Bearing will be exhibiting at this year’s Green Industry & Equipment Expo (GIE+EXPO) on October 17-19 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

Billed as “America’s largest show for the outdoor power equipment industry,” GIE+EXPO will showcase more than 850 exhibits, filling a 20-acre space that is expected to draw approximately 18,000 visitors.

We will be exhibiting at Booth #9004 all throughout the expo, highlighting and demonstrating our TURFXTREME bearings, AGXTREME Technology, and our newly introduced Mower Deck Spindle.

Don’t Miss Out!

GIE+EXPO is a prime opportunity to not only get acquainted with the newest in outdoor power equipment, but to connect with manufacturers and specialists from a variety of industries, including landscaping, power sports, lawn and garden, and much more.

The show program offers an abundance of educational opportunities: cutting-edge business tips, landscape and hardscape workshops, and The Professional Grounds Management Society’s annual School of Grounds Management Conference, which will feature a highly interactive agenda. In addition, the Outdoor Demo Area will feature exciting demonstrations and test drives designed to give attendees a real-world feel for the products and determine how well they would fit the attendee’s particular application.

As a special added bonus, attendees will be able to enjoy three nights of free concerts at Fourth Street Live in Downtown Louisville at the end of each dynamic day at the expo.

Our Outdoor Solutions Exhibit

Over the course of the expo, PEER Bearing will showcase its TURFXTREME bearing solution, which utilizes our AGXTREME technology. We will also be highlighting the Mower Deck Spindle, a major component in zero-turn mowers.

TURFXTREME offers the lawn and garden industry the single highest performance bearing seal that provides vital contamination exclusion. Additionally, the AGXTREME technology allows TURFXTREME solutions to seal out clippings, water, and maintain seal integrity under the harshest conditions.

Using AGXTREME technology, TURFXTREME bearings are able to keep contaminants out and lubrication in - increasing the lifespan of lawn and garden equipment, reducing customer maintenance, and greatly cutting the cost of machine ownership, among many other benefits.
Visitors to the PEER Bearing booth will get a closer look at our signature Mower Deck Spindle component, with seal options designed for enduring extreme environments, avoiding water intrusion, eradicating damage from wrapping debris, and offering easy mounting via its special extended inner rings.

Any attendee with an outdoor need will find something new and valuable for their application at our booth.

Continuing Our Tradition

2018 marks the 6th year of PEER Bearing’s GIE+EXPO attendance, and every year the PEER team looks forward to interacting and sharing our outdoor solutions with fellow industry professionals and customers alike.

For more information about PEER Bearing’s presence at the GIE+EXPO, or to contact PEER before the show, call 1-800-433-7337, or follow PEER on Twitter for the latest company news and updates about the GIE+EXPO!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Top Factors Driving Manufacturing Sector Growth

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) produces a monthly Manufacturing Index that reviews growth or contraction within the manufacturing sector. The report is based on surveys of hundreds of manufacturing firms about recent employment and production trends, inventories, new orders, and supplier deliveries.

The Manufacturing Index is calculated on a scale of 0 to 100. A score of 50 or more points suggests that manufacturing is expanding, while a score below 50 points indicates contraction.

After declining to just 32.4 points in December 2009, the Manufacturing Index has risen significantly over the past decade, reflecting increased confidence throughout the manufacturing sector. In May, the index registered 60.2 points, an increase of 1.5 percentage points from the previous month and the twenty-second consecutive month of manufacturing expansion.

Such growth is likely to continue in the coming years. Indeed, 2017 marked the first year in which more manufacturing jobs were created in the US than offshored, a potent reminder that manufacturing has largely recovered from the dark days of the Great Recession.

Which Regions Are Seeing the Most Manufacturing Growth?

Forbes recently published its own regional analysis of manufacturing growth in the US since 2012 by examining data on 373 different metropolitan statistical areas. According to its data, the largest manufacturing regions in the country are largely located in the South:

1.    Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, Florida. Manufacturing jobs in Central Florida have grown by 23.6% on the strength of large companies such as Lockheed Martin, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas, and Siemens Energy.
2.    Oakland-Hayward-Berkeley, California. Factory jobs in the Bay Area have increased by 22%, fueled largely by the manufacturing needs of the tech industry.
3.    Grand Rapids-Wyoming, Michigan. The number of industrial jobs in West Michigan has risen by 20.5%, amounting to a fifth of all non-agricultural jobs in the area.
4.    Miami-Miami Beach-Kendall, Florida. Factory-type jobs in South Florida have grown by 22.6%, reflecting Florida’s generally favorable conditions for manufacturers. Indeed, the state’s sector manufacturing has recorded growth for 86 consecutive months.
5.    West Palm Beach-Boca Raton-Delray Beach, Florida. The number of manufacturing jobs in Miami’s northern neighbor has risen by 27.3%. In general, Florida is a strong state for manufacturing because of its lack of an income tax, relatively low housing costs, and pro-development policies. 

Why It Makes Sense to Invest in Manufacturing

While American manufacturing is currently enjoying sustained growth and development, the sector could expand further in the coming years. A strong manufacturing sector in the US should encourage competition from rapidly developing countries such as China and India, providing American manufacturers with the opportunity to further improve the quality of their products while reducing operating costs.

The revival of American manufacturing will largely depend on the state of the country’s infrastructure. Because American manufacturing largely depends on the country’s energy, transportation, utility, and communication systems, reduced spending on infrastructure poses a significant restriction on the sector’s future growth. With robust investment, however, manufacturing will likely continue to grow at its current pace.

In an increasingly digital economy, manufacturing continues to spur more economic activity than any other sector, with every dollar spent on manufacturing generating another $3.60 in economic activity. Having seen an increase in orders from manufacturing companies ourselves, we at PEER Bearing remain deeply committed to advancing it however we can. If your company is looking for a manufacturing partner to fulfill its bearing needs, contact us for more information.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

What to Expect at the 2018 Farm Progress Show

Since 1953, the Farm Progress Show has gathered farmers from across the country for several days of displays, demonstrations, and conversations. The annual show alternates between two locations, Decatur, Illinois and the host city this year, Boone, Iowa. This show will be held August 28 through August 30 and provides farmers with an opportunity to become more involved in the greater Ag community and meet with major manufacturers to explore their latest offerings.

Must-See Field Demonstrations

This year’s Farm Progress Show will include tests and demonstrations of the latest farming equipment across two hundred acres of field harvesting. The show will feature Ride ‘N’ Drives from all major manufacturers, including Case IH, John Deere, Agco, Titan, auto manufacturers with new pick-ups, and an array of ATV and UTV companies. Several acre-sized driving courses will also be available for farmers to test machinery themselves.

Aside from Ride ‘N’ Drives, field demonstrations will include competitions between harvest demos. Among these events will be a race between deep-tillage machines. Standard deep-tillage machines should continue to remain popular, but more recent high-speed models from Europe will undoubtedly gain much attention.

Because harvest season usually doesn’t begin until after August, the organizers of the Farm Progress Show have carefully prepared for these field demonstrations for the past several months. In order to have 360 acres of corn ready for attendees, the event’s organizers planted early quick-growing hybrids by late April. With several months of rain, the usual summer heat, and some final adjustments in the days before the event, the fields will be completely ready for the show.

Looking Forward to This Year's Harvest

The Farm Progress Show is a special occasion that gives farmers the opportunity to meet fellow farmers and learn about the latest developments in the greater Ag community. Just as importantly, it provides an opportunity to connect with the industry’s leading manufacturers and distributors, helping farmers forge strong working relationships with their suppliers.

Since harvest season follows shortly after it, the Farm Progress Show is also an ideal time to ensure that your equipment is in top operating condition. This means that you should thoroughly inspect and clean combines before going into the field to minimize the risk of lost time. It also means giving yourself plenty of time ahead of harvest to purchase and replace any weathered or missing components, inspecting all bearings and augers, as well as belts, hoses, and gears.

As a leading supplier and manufacturer of the highest quality agricultural bearings in the industry, PEER Bearing is dedicated to developing cost-effective, reliable bearing solutions for farms of every size. We look forward to meeting current customers and prospective clients alike at this year’s Farm Progress Show and helping them take advantage of the coming harvest season.

With more than 1,600 employees based in the United States, China, Germany, Brazil, and Italy, PEER Bearing works to strengthen agriculture around the world. If you’d like to explore our durable agricultural bearings, contact us for more information.