Sunday, March 31, 2013

Getting to know PEER Bearing

PEER Bearing is a manufacturer and global supplier of reliable ball and roller bearing solutions to target industries that include: agricultural, distribution, electrical, fluid, industrial transmission, material handling and on highway and off highway.  PEER was established in 1941 and now is a wholly owned, independent brand of SKF.  For many years, PEER was the largest privately owned bearing company in the United States.

As a leader in the bearings categories that we serve, PEER has developed long and deep rooted relationships with our global manufacturing partners. We are an award winning supplier that works closely with our customers to develop bearing solutions that are reliable and cost effective through the utilization of our global application engineering and research and development teams.  We continue to invest in our manufacturing facilities and expand our product line capabilities to meet our customer needs.

So what does the future hold for PEER Bearing? We are continuing to expand our global capabilities to make ourselves more accessible to our customers.  This includes adding additional staff, warehousing and market specific product offerings to meet our customer needs.  PEER remains committed to offering the same excellent customer service and delivery times globally as we have for many years in the United States.


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