Friday, August 30, 2013

Keeping Things Clean in the Food & Beverage Industry

peer corrosionFood contamination is a global issue today, and it seems to be getting more prevalent each day. Food manufacturers around the world are faced with a variety of challenges to maintain a sanitary production environment. They must comply with many government regulations that are imposed on equipment and machinery designed for food and beverage production. These regulations make a lot of sense: They were created and are driven by concerns caused by increasing reports of bacteria, pathogens and other harmful organisms and debris contaminating the foods and beverages we consume.

One recent report from says, “War on emerging pathogens is intensifying in 2013…”  Keeping things clean in the food and beverage industry relies on many factors, including sanitary design principles for the equipment that’s being used to produce and package food and beverage products. In the equipment, there can’t be any catch points where bacteria and organisms get hung up or grow. If this happens, contamination likely will occur.

To keep things moving along to foster a sanitary environment in the food production environment, machinery components – including bearings and bearing units – must be corrosion-resistant, high-pressure resistant and high-heat resistant, as well. That’s why PEER Corrosion-Resistant Bearings and Bearing Units, designed for wash-down applications, are ideal for food and beverage production equipment.

Want to learn more? There’s a Food Safety Summit Resource Center at Pack EXPO this year. September 23-25, 2013, subject-matter experts will speak about issues affecting food and beverage manufacturers today. You can also learn more about food-grade equipment, components and corrosion-resistant bearing units by downloading this brochure from the PEER Bearing website.

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