Friday, November 8, 2013

The Advantage of Maintenance-Free Bearings for the Agricultural Industry

In modern farming, the notion that a piece of equipment doesn’t need regular maintenance is generally regarded as naïve, or a sales pitch. The combination of contamination, wear, and exposure to the elements traditionally requires farmers to perform regular maintenance on much of the equipment. Regular maintenance including greasing and lubrication on much of the rotary equipment used has become second nature.  Until now, failing to keep the equipment well lubricated and in great shape meant a rapid decrease in performance, decreased efficiency, and even loss of opportunity for planting or harvesting.

At PEER, we understand the farmers’ needs to keep their equipment in the field.   PEER is a leader in design of maintenance free bearings by understanding that farmers have a very short window for both planting and harvesting their crops.

By eliminating the need for daily lubrication with a maintenance-free bearing, the farmer sees several distinct advantages:

  • The ability to leave a machine in the field

  • Less money spent on grease

  • Less environmental impact and soil contamination by excess grease

  • More time spent actually using the equipment, extending or making more flexible the time frame of the harvest.

To combat any creeping skepticism, let us assure you that at PEER, we did much more than remove the zerk fittings on our bearings to make them maintenance free: we improved the internal construction of our bearings; we designed an improved seal package by engineering proprietary technology to keep the grease in and the contaminants out; and we engineered our product to withstand even the most severe of conditions.

With this and all our products, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of our industry, and providing new and reliable technology for our customers.   To find out more, check out our Xtreme line at Agritechnica this year, Hannover, Germany – we’re at Hall 01, Stand, #0A314 and would love to talk to you.  If you can’t make it this year, or miss us at the show, tweet @PEERBEARING or visit our website for more information.


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