Tuesday, April 15, 2014

PEER Bearing Celebrates Sustainable Initiatives

Many companies are integrating sustainability strategies into their business pratices. This is something that has become prominent in the manufacturing industry recently. In fact, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) commits “to advancing sustainability efforts that positively impact manufacturing and industry’s contributions to environmental protection, economic performance, and the social well-being of the employees, communities, customers, and consumers they serve.” Here at PEER Bearing, we believe in a sustainable workplace, which is why we consider corporate social responsibility to be a vital piece of our business.

In recent years, we have adopted a number of sustainability initiatives throughout our business practices to reduce our carbon footprint. We recently opened a new heat treating facility, which features a salt bath heat treatment furnace that eliminates air pollutants and allows PEER to recycle the nitrate salt bath solution that we use to treat bearing rings. In our manufacturing facilities, we have been reducing our CO2 emissions by introducing more effective air compressors, reducing our electricity consumption, treating our own wastewater for reuse, and recycling 75% of our grinding fluid and swarf at our largest facility. 

In our North American office and warehouse, we recycle over 75% of the metal, paper, plastic, and wood materials used, AND we recycle 100% of all the oils and solvents used. We also regularly perform energy audits to help reduce our overall energy consumption. Finally, we have installed electric vehicle charging stations at our North American offices for employees who have switched to energy-efficient vehicles.

As a result of our commitment to sustainability practices, PEER has developed a growing line of agricultural bearings that do not require re-lubrication. This removes the need for farmers to re-grease bearings, which in turn results in a reduction of usage of petroleum-based products as well as the elimination of the environmental impact of additional purged grease into the farmers’ fields.

With Earth Day on April 22nd, it is a time to reflect on sustainability and just how you can integrate sustainable initiatives into your business. While we see Earth Day as a great reminder to be environmentally-conscious, we strive to be socially responsible every day of the year.