Monday, June 30, 2014

Bearings For All Seasons

It felt like it was never coming after this long winter, but lawn care and the cutting season is finally here. At the start of the season and as people begin working on their lawn, they may not think too much about the individual components that make up these complicated machines. But you can rest assured that if our maintenance-free bearings are being used in your lawn and garden equipment, it'll be a headache-free season.

We partner with manufacturers of both commercial and residential lawn equipment. Frequent customers like Toro and outdoor power tool manufacturer Acco Inc. know that they can come to us for high-quality, maintenance-free bearings that can stand up to the harshest conditions that high performance lawn and garden equipment will encounter. We make bearings for a full selection of outdoor equipment like mowers, chainsaws, and snow throwers, and we manufacture them in an array of different performance levels. We have the perfect bearing for your application. Our goal is to improve the productivity of farmers and landscapers everywhere by making high performance, environmentally-friendly solutions that can help reduce the cost of equipment maintenance and, even more importantly, the amount of downtime experienced.

You may be wondering how we do this. The secret is our TURFXTREME™ sealing solutions. We used our experience in the agricultural sector to develop technology that seals out water and clippings and protects the integrity of the seal when exposed to outside forces, like pressure washing. This technology helps equipment owners in a number of ways. Keeping out external contaminants will increase the life span of the equipment. In addition, with this technology in place, it's unlikely that your machines will need frequent maintenance. This means that the cost of owning the equipment will decline sharply. This is the eco-friendly, low-maintenance way to keep your lawn looking neat and green this season.

And while we're on the topic of green lawns, we want to mention a great initiative called TurfMutt. This program is the brainchild of the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute and it offers a number of resources for educators and families. It's a great way for kids to learn how important the environment around them is, starting with their own lawn. Parents and teachers can check out the activities, puzzles, and educational videos on their website.

So when you need bearings, check out our product selection. We have the solutions that can reduce ownership costs and the need for maintenance, which will lead to some happy customers. Let us help make your product even better.