Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Software Advances Shorten Development Time in New Bearing Applications

Here at PEER Bearing Company, we are always looking for the newest advancements that can help us improve the design and application of our bearings, resulting in improved performance. The newest addition to our repertoire is Mesys rolling bearing analysis software. With this tool at our disposal, we'll be able to improve on our already impressive design and application abilities. 

This software is used by PEER Application Engineers to calculate advanced bearing life in applications and accounts for variables such as bearing loads, speeds, misalignments due to shaft/housing deflections, lubrication, etc. It also allows PEER engineers to dive internally into the bearing and analyze stresses at each rolling element, allowing for potential design improvements tailored to the industry and/or customer needs. Combine this with our ability to create 3D models of these bearings, and we can give our customers a close look at what the product will look like and what its capabilities will be before we begin production. It can also make us aware of what problems we may need to solve beforehand. These capabilities can significantly reduce or eliminate the need for costly lab and field testing and help shorten the time to market for new products. This is yet another way we can expand our capabilities and offer more value for our customers. 

These examples illustrate how manufacturers can use recent advancements like advanced calculation software and 3D modeling to provide more varied and valuable services for their customers. 3D modeling allows a manufacturer to gain a better insight into the component they are creating and, ultimately, results in a higher quality product. New technology, when properly leveraged, can be used to improve every stage of the design and application process, and we plan to ensure that we always take advantage of recent advancements that can add value for our customers.


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