Monday, December 14, 2015

At PEER Bearing, We Focus On Manufacturing Ball And Roller Bearings – And On Feeding The Hungry And Helping People In Our Community – All Year Long

While we are focused on manufacturing ball and roller bearings all year long, at PEER Bearing we are also focused on reaching out to our community and helping people in need, both locally here in Illinois and around the world. This time of year, as we celebrate the holidays and begin a new year, it’s the perfect time to talk about our company’s philanthropic philosophy and efforts.

We believe in helping and serving people in need. Each year, PEER Bearing employees participate in a Giving Tree program to help families in our local community celebrate the holidays. Giving back to our local community and helping people is something we’re dedicated to doing all year long. We are also active participants in Feeding America and its local partner, the Northern Illinois Food Bank. No one should be hungry, and helping to solve the hunger problem is something we are committed to doing. Through the Feeding America program and the Northern Illinois Food Bank, we are doing our part to help.

The Northern Illinois Food Bank provides food and services to more than 71,000 people each week right here in Illinois, where PEER’s U.S. headquarters is located. But, the Food Bank’s efforts are part of a much more extensive program throughout the U.S. The Feeding America website says the organization serves 46.5 million Americans in need and that “hunger is tough any time of year -- but it’s tougher during the holidays.” PEER Bearing sponsors initiatives throughout the year, including our Customer Service Week program, to help feed hungry people in Illinois and across the U.S.

But PEER Beairng is a global company with locations in Asia, Mexico, Latin America, South America and Europe, so the PEER Bearing family and our community extends around the world. We enjoy helping as many people as we can, and we hope to participate in many more charitable and philanthropic programs around the world in the coming months and years. We’d be happy to tell you more about our charitable philanthropic efforts and plans, or about our company. Contact us at 1-800-433-7337 or visit the PEER Bearing website for more information. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

PEER Bearing Introduces New SEEDXTREME™ Product Line at Expo Agro Alimentaria and Agritechnica

This November sees us traveling the world to bring our revolutionary new products to farmers and agriculturists in new markets. As a trusted brand to global leaders, we’re attending two trade show events to showcase our newest products of the SEEDXTREME™ line.

At Agritechnica, November 8-14, it will be our third trip to this large agricultural machinery and equipment trade fair in Hanover, Germany. For the second time we will be attending Expo Agro Alimentaria in Mexico City from November 24th to the 27th.  At both of these events we will networking with members of the agricultural industry who are interested in innovative equipment to improve farming and agricultural practices.

PEER’s SEEDXTREME™ bearing solutions are designed specifically for seeding equipment and provide increased productivity and long bearing life. As part of our AGXTREME™ product portfolio, SEEDXTREME™ offers a patented seal design and optimized internal bearing construction that supports the high demands of today’s agricultural industry. Pre-assembled, engineered HUB units can be paired with upgraded, wear-resistant disc blades to reduce assembly and labor costs. All critical row unit bearings, from coulter disk to the closing wheel, are covered by SEEDXTREME™.

With these new bearing solutions, the seeding equipment that farmers rely on for precision seed placement will be able to operate longer, faster, and harder. All farmers know how important seeding equipment is for their bottom line. The more accurate seed placement is, the more cost effective in the long run.

The bearings we manufacture for agricultural applications are tested extensively in the lab and in the fields. Using mud slurry testing we validate seal concepts to ensure application performance. This testing proves the effectiveness of the bearing seal to withstand the harsh environmental conditions farming equipment endures to prevent contaminants from entering and damaging the bearings.

We look forward to meeting with attendees of these events to further demonstrate the benefits of using all of our AGXTREME™ products, including the newest SEEDXTREME™ bearings, to improve farming operations.

For more information on bearing solutions for the agricultural industry, please contact us or visit our website.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Spreading The Word About The Advantages of PEER TURFXTREME Bearing Solutions At GIE+EXPO 2015

PEER will be attending the Green Industry and Equipment Expo (GIE+EXPO) 2015 in Kentucky later this month. It’s the perfect environment to spread the word about the advantages of PEER TURFXTREME solutions and our other Industry-specific product lines. This provides an opportunity to show our support for the many OEMs and engineers who have included our bearing solutions in their outdoor power and landscaping equipment. They’ll be exhibiting at the expo, too, along with other industry leaders. It’ll be a networking opportunity, a way to meet the people who manufacture, and the people who use, equipment made with PEER bearing solutions.

Sponsored by the National Association of Landscape Professionals, the Professional Grounds Management Society and Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI – and PEER is a proud OPEI member!), GIE+EXPO focuses on outdoor power equipment and products for gardens, outdoor leisure, landscaping, hardscapes and light construction. The expo is considered the largest showcase event for the industry. In addition to filling 500,000 square feet of indoor space at the Kentucky Exposition Center, GIE+EXPO 2015 exhibits will extend outdoors and include 19 acres of outdoor space. The outdoor space is ideal for product demonstrations and test-driving outdoor equipment. Anyone and everyone involved in outdoor equipment manufacturing or who uses outdoor and landscaping equipment – general contractors, landscapers, golf course superintendents and parks & recreation crews – attends this event each year.

This year, GIE+EXPO will take place October 22-23. We’ll be showcasing all of our product lines, but we expect attendees to be especially interested in our TURFXTREME product line. That’s because unlike conventional bearings, TURFXTREME bearing solutions use AGXTREME technology to seal out harmful contaminants, and this can prevent premature bearing failure in outdoor equipment. When equipment incorporates TURFXTREME solutions, clippings and water are sealed out, and seal integrity is maintained. So, when lawn equipment manufactured with TURFXTREME bearings is exposed to wrapping debris, pressure washing or other external forces, there’s no contamination, and you get great results:

•    The life of the equipment increases.
•    Maintenance requirements are lessened.
•    Other costs related to machine/equipment ownership are reduced. 

We look forward to spreading the word about PEER TURFXTREME bearing solutions and other PEER products at GIE+EXPO 2015. We hope to see you there!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tapered Roller Bearing Solutions For Industrial Equipment

Tapered roller bearing solutions for industrial equipment need to be reliable, durable, and replaceable (in the event of a new design.)   At PEER Bearing, we understand these concerns along with the demand for high quality tapered roller bearings due to extreme conditions in industrial applications.
We've manufactured tapered roller bearings for several years and have key advantages that have proven us to be the right partners for our industrial customers.  Here we list the benefits of choosing PEER Bearing as your preferred manufacturer for your industrial applications' tapered roller bearing needs.

1. PEER Tapered roller bearings are globally interchangeable.  Having interchangeable parts is crucial when existing, or new designs need replacements to avoid downtime or high repair costs.  PEER provides interchangeable inch and metric drop-in replacement solutions for your convenience allowing you to stay on task and avoid high costs.

2. PEER’s Application-specific solutions reduce internal bearing stress and extend bearing and machine life.  To ensure successful bearing operation, our Application Engineers collaborate with you to specify the right PEER solution to meet your performance requirements to provide quality lasting bearings and machine life.

3. PEER Single Row Tapered Roller Bearings offer increased axial and radial load capacity relative to other bearing types. The inherent design allows for clearance adjustment during mounting to achieve the correct bearing setting for optimized performance.

4. PEER Sealed Tapered Roller Bearings offer an integrated solution for grease lubricated applications as an economical replacement to a traditional shaft seal and bearing as individual components.

5. PEER Tapered Roller Bearing Matched Pairs are assembled and pre-packaged with cup and cone spacers required to achieve a pre-determined bench end play. The result is a major reduction in assembly time and reduced risk of early failure due to improper clearance setting.

If you're in need of tapered roller bearings for you industrial equipment, please visit our website brochures for moreinformation.  And as always to get the most up to date news about all our capabilities and news follow us on our social media channels Twitter, LinkedIn!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Manufacturing and Millennials: How To Get More Interest Between The Two

millennials in manufacturing Many millennials have an old stigmatism attached to manufacturing jobs.  When the term manufacturing is brought to a millennial's attention an immediate image of hard labor between man and machine within an assembly line is pictured. But the truth of the matter is manufacturing embodies so much more and has changed immensely from that ideal.

Manufacturing now heavily relies on innovation, technology, engineering, science, and business strategies.  Because of this old-fashioned view of manufacturing many millennials are missing out on opportunities for a rewarding career and fulfilling future within the industrial fields. Manufacturing companies around the country have open positions but lack skilled workers to fulfill them.

So what can be done to renew manufactures image within millennials minds, and encourage them to pursue manufacturing as their chosen career path?

First, we must debunk the myth of manufacturing jobs being labor intensive and dismal. Instead, we must promote the ideas of advancement and make them aware of the great satisfaction received knowing your work is critical towards making America run.  Also, we must promote that there are many different career opportunities within manufacturing.  Not only engineers are needed but also sales people, marketers, and management roles. Manufacturing and industrial markets are picking up and career opportunities are opening up along with this momentum.  It's important to not discount all the roles needed in the industrial fields.

Also although STEM, has been a buzzword recently we must embrace its efforts and support those interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by pointing them toward the right direction.  When millennials are interested in these fields we must help them realize that manufacturing is the perfect pursuit for them.

At PEER Bearing, we encourage all millennials searching for a rewarding and advantageous career to check out our career center website.  We just may have the right opportunity waiting for you.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

PEER Bearing Event Recap : Expo PACK Mexico

At PEER Bearing, we are committed to taking every opportunity and making it our competitive edge.  During the summer season, other companies may be stricken with slower months and some down time, but not us.  We exhibited at the EXPO PACK in Mexico just this June and experienced great success.   Our partners in Mexico were enthusiastic to promote all our solutions within the food & beverage processing industry. 

According to PMMI research Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical generates the greatest demand. By attending EXPO PACK Mexico, we gain an important position to an international marketplace that empowers us to deliver our products to Latin America and beyond.  We are committed to growing our global approach and are confident we can support any new or existing customers' needs.

While in attendance we promoted our stainless steel corrosion resistant bearing units and were happy with the successful response we received.  We look forward to building our relationships with all the new connections we made, as well as continuing to seek other opportunities that will further increase our global reach.

If you have questions about why our bearings are the best for your Food & Beverage processing please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Save the Date: PACK EXPO Mexico, June 16-19

Not all bearing units are created the same; there are variations in performance and quality, and there are variations in requirements and applications. 

At PEER Bearing, we know this well. We create the highest quality bearing units available, and we meet the different needs of a wide variety of industries. We know, for instance, that our bearings for the food and beverage industry must meet specific, unique requirements.

For this reason, and so many others, we are extremely excited to be exhibiting for the first time at the upcoming EXPO PACK Mexico, June 16-19 in Mexico City. This is the premier Latin American packaging industry event, where over 26,000 attendees from more than 30 countries convene, network, display, view, learn, and grow. 

At booth #4526, you'll find us showcasing our unique mounted bearing bearing units for the food and beverage industry, which are highly tailored to the industry’s needs. After all, when you get into the processing and packaging of food and beverages, everything and must be built for durability, safety, coding, and regulatory requirements. 

The equipment must not only work effectively, but must meet all regulation guidelines. It must be easy to clean, or offer the ability to be frequently sterilized, withstand food acids and extreme temperatures, and absolutely must ensure that production never, ever has to be shut down because of it. 

Therefore, we’re proud to be displaying our stainless steel corrosion-resistant bearing units at PACK EXPO Mexico. These units withstand conditions, while providing features and benefits such as:
Designed with solid bases/backs and smooth surfaces for easy cleaning
Designed with extended inner rings for shaft stability and set screw locking
Include stainless steel closures with seals that form a double barrier of protection at all time
Include factory lubrication with NSF H1 Registered grease
Available in a range of sizes

We can't wait to see you at the PACK EXPO Mexico show!

Friday, May 15, 2015

How PEER Bearings are Essential to Agriculture

One of the things that we at PEER love is that we get to work with clients in a range of industries. Regardless of the specific industry, we are providing solutions that make jobs better and easier.

For years, we’ve worked with many of the world’s agricultural leaders, providing bearings that are simply the best in the business, and that our customers have come to trust.

Within the agricultural industry, bearings play a major role in the reliability of farm equipment.  All farm equipment with rotating components utilizes bearings of all types and sizes.  Hay balers and tillage equipment wouldn’t run without bearings.

What we know is that not all bearings are created equal and that ours are specifically designed to be especially reliable and consistent, as well as eliminating the need for daily relubrication. Hundreds of man hours and countless amounts of money and downtime are saved, as a result.

In fact, our bearings are so unique to agricultural applications that we’ve been getting a lot of industry attention. We were recently featured in an article on agricultural bearings in Farm Industry News, entitled “Essential Tech: Bearings.”

 The article, describing the ways in which a good bearing is essential to farming equipment, and how bearings have changed over the years, quotes our application engineering manager, Jordan Gutowski.

"The basic seal technology offered in rolling element bearings has been available for over 40 years…What our company has done is improve those seals to give the bearings more longevity in ag applications with high exposure to dust, soil, crop, moisture, etc."

The article then goes on to explain the innovative seal technology within our TILLXTREME line, and the ways in which the design of these bearings keeps dirt out while eliminating the need for daily relubrication of tillage discs and rolling baskets.

Our engineers and our customers know that our bearings are one-of-a-kind and that they offer solutions to the Agriculture industry that are changing the way machinery is operated, for the better. Now, we’re proud to see that the industry press has once again taken note.
You can read the full article here, and feel free to contact us with any questions about how our bearings can serve your agricultural needs.

Friday, March 27, 2015

‘Tis the Seeding Season

The coming of spring means a lot of things to a lot of people—almost all of those things being optimistic and enthusiastic. But for our nation’s agriculture industry, spring brings a lot of hard work and a good deal of hope.

After all, for farmers around the country, seeding season is fast approaching and depending on where exactly these farmers are, timing is everything. But many people in and around the industry are wondering how this spring’s seeding will go, given the extremely frigid winter many areas experienced. How will the country’s farmers fare?

While Grand Forks Herald reported that “farmers are starting to get antsy about getting into the fields,” and that many farmers won’t start planting wheat until early April. It seems the weather is now cooperating, and others are feeling more optimistic.

“U.S. Midwest farmers,” according to this article, “will be happy,” and the author predicts that much of the U.S. will be able to begin planting earlier this year than in the past few years. Kansas has seen a slightly better March than in 2014, and in Oklahoma, it’s “substantially better than last year.”

Another reason for optimism? While nothing’s a certainty when it comes to Mother Nature, the U.S. Weather Service three-month outlook for various areas of the country, including the southern plains, calls for average temperatures and precipitation, and in agriculture, average is good.

On a final note of good news, it seems 2014-2015 could see record increases in demand for corn, soybeans, and wheat. 2015 is expected to see the second highest year on record for agricultural exports.*

So while much of the country took a beating this winter, there’s plenty of room for positivity. That said, we at PEER continue to stand behind our country’s agricultural industry, offering the best bearings for their needs. Our maintenance-free solutions extend equipment life, reduce costs, and meet the highest standards—all while being environmentally-friendly. So farmers can focus on their plantings, not on worrying about their equipment’s bearings.

Here’s to a fruitful, successful spring season!

If you have questions about our agricultural applications, please visit our website or contact us anytime for more information.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Save the Date: National AG Day, March 18

As Americans, we have many things to celebrate and be thankful for. One of them is the abundant, healthful, delicious food we have access to every day. More specifically, it’s important to celebrate the agriculture industry—the reason for all of this and more. 

While we should be grateful to the industry each and every day, we can officially celebrate it—and the countless people and companies that make it what it is—on March 18, 2015 during National Ag Day.

Photo Courtesy: National AG Day
National Ag Day is meant to be a day of recognition and celebration, a day during which we acknowledge the fact that our agriculture industry provides us with almost everything we eat, wear, and rely on. Through this recognition, along with education on a national and community level, the National Ag Day organizers hope to instill in all Americans an understanding of how the industry produces food, fiber, and renewable resource products, as well as the role of the industry in our economy, our safety, and in Americans’ employment.

Agricultural understanding—or Ag literacy—means healthier children and adults, rewarding careers for millions of people, and a stronger economy. In order to celebrate the day, there will be events throughout the country, including educational events at schools and universities, celebrations and product demonstrations at companies, farms, and organizations, and festivities in the form of breakfasts, farmer’s markets, mall exhibits, and more. In fact, anyone and everyone can participate.

At PEER, we are incredibly proud of everyone involved in the agriculture industry, and we welcome this opportunity to celebrate them. After all, we work with members of the industry every day, supplying our bearings to farmers around the country. We are proud to produce agricultural bearings that increase productivity and longevity while reducing costs and supporting our nation’s farms and farmers. In this way, we know our bearings play a role in this critical industry, and we’re thankful for their business, and for the work they do.

Currently, every American farmer feeds over 144 people; on March 18 (and every day after that!), we can all thank them for this. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

What is a Worm Drive?

Worm Drives are designed to provide large speed ratios or torque multiplication at short center distances.  In worm drives, input and output shafts are non-intersecting, non-parallel and typically at a right angle with each other.  They are the most cost-effective gear reducers in terms of the torque they can produce.  Worm drives can also be comparatively quieter and smoother than other gears when properly mounted and lubricated.  With worm gearing, very high gear ratios are possible using a single gear set while using the minimum amount of space, allowing designers to reduce speed or increase torque in a single, compact gear drive.  Worm gears are widely applied in industrial applications; speed reducers for conveyors, elevators, and various material handling mechanisms as well as automotive components.

Bearings for Worm Gears
In the design of a worm gearbox, many factors must be considered to meet application specific requirements. Low noise levels, speed to market, cost effectiveness and durability play a significant role in the success of a gearbox design. A critical component of a worm gearbox is the bearings.

Often those in the market for these applications may find themselves over-paying for the bearings utilized in the worm gearbox. This is where PEER Bearing can be of great help. PEER Bearing is a manufacturer and global supplier of reliable and cost-effective ball and roller bearing solutions. Our focus is on providing our customers the right bearing for the right application at the right price. Manufactured to meet the demands of worm gear box applications, PEER Bearings are designed to quietly & reliably reduce friction. We help our customers achieve their application performance goals while at the same time reducing unnecessary cost. Many competing bearing manufacturers produce a bearing that is more expensive but over-performs for certain applications. PEER Bearing produces bearings for how and where they’re specifically needed- there's no over-compensation and most importantly for our clients, no unnecessary extra cost.

Give PEER Bearing a call today to find out more about our cost-effective, high-quality solutions for your bearing needs.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The World Ag Expo and Our Maintenance-free TILLXTREME™ Tillage Bearings!

The farming industry demands products that are not only reliable but also offer increased machine productivity with lower maintenance costs for seeding, baling and combine needs. PEER Bearing is a manufacturer and global supplier of reliable and cost-effective ball and roller bearing solutions. Our focus is on providing our customers the right bearing for the right application at the right price.

PEER Bearing’s TILLXTREME™ Tillage Bearing offers the agriculture industry the only full line of products that completely eliminates the usual daily re-lubrication hassles of tillage discs and rolling basket bearings, lowering both material and labor costs while increasing production time in the field.

TILLXTREME™ engineered assemblies are more reliable, do not require maintenance, and offer simplified installation. The Patent Pending TILLXTREME™ seal provides more contamination exclusion than our standard, industry-leading PEER triple lip seal. This extraordinary performance has been confirmed in 5 years of testing at PEER R&D, independent labs and via rigorous OEM field tests.

Come pay PEER Bearing a visit at the World Ag Expo! For almost 50 years, the World Ag Expo has set the standard for agricultural expositions. This year, 2015, the Expo is being held February 10th through the 12th in Tulare, California, located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley just off Highway 99, midway between Fresno and Bakersfield. You can see us in Pavilion D at booths 4500 and 4501. Come say, “hi” and find out more about our cost-effective, high-quality solutions for your bearing needs.

Keep rolling with PEER Maintenance-free TILLXTREME™ Tillage Bearings!