Monday, February 23, 2015

What is a Worm Drive?

Worm Drives are designed to provide large speed ratios or torque multiplication at short center distances.  In worm drives, input and output shafts are non-intersecting, non-parallel and typically at a right angle with each other.  They are the most cost-effective gear reducers in terms of the torque they can produce.  Worm drives can also be comparatively quieter and smoother than other gears when properly mounted and lubricated.  With worm gearing, very high gear ratios are possible using a single gear set while using the minimum amount of space, allowing designers to reduce speed or increase torque in a single, compact gear drive.  Worm gears are widely applied in industrial applications; speed reducers for conveyors, elevators, and various material handling mechanisms as well as automotive components.

Bearings for Worm Gears
In the design of a worm gearbox, many factors must be considered to meet application specific requirements. Low noise levels, speed to market, cost effectiveness and durability play a significant role in the success of a gearbox design. A critical component of a worm gearbox is the bearings.

Often those in the market for these applications may find themselves over-paying for the bearings utilized in the worm gearbox. This is where PEER Bearing can be of great help. PEER Bearing is a manufacturer and global supplier of reliable and cost-effective ball and roller bearing solutions. Our focus is on providing our customers the right bearing for the right application at the right price. Manufactured to meet the demands of worm gear box applications, PEER Bearings are designed to quietly & reliably reduce friction. We help our customers achieve their application performance goals while at the same time reducing unnecessary cost. Many competing bearing manufacturers produce a bearing that is more expensive but over-performs for certain applications. PEER Bearing produces bearings for how and where they’re specifically needed- there's no over-compensation and most importantly for our clients, no unnecessary extra cost.

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