Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Save the Date: National AG Day, March 18

As Americans, we have many things to celebrate and be thankful for. One of them is the abundant, healthful, delicious food we have access to every day. More specifically, it’s important to celebrate the agriculture industry—the reason for all of this and more. 

While we should be grateful to the industry each and every day, we can officially celebrate it—and the countless people and companies that make it what it is—on March 18, 2015 during National Ag Day.

Photo Courtesy: National AG Day
National Ag Day is meant to be a day of recognition and celebration, a day during which we acknowledge the fact that our agriculture industry provides us with almost everything we eat, wear, and rely on. Through this recognition, along with education on a national and community level, the National Ag Day organizers hope to instill in all Americans an understanding of how the industry produces food, fiber, and renewable resource products, as well as the role of the industry in our economy, our safety, and in Americans’ employment.

Agricultural understanding—or Ag literacy—means healthier children and adults, rewarding careers for millions of people, and a stronger economy. In order to celebrate the day, there will be events throughout the country, including educational events at schools and universities, celebrations and product demonstrations at companies, farms, and organizations, and festivities in the form of breakfasts, farmer’s markets, mall exhibits, and more. In fact, anyone and everyone can participate.

At PEER, we are incredibly proud of everyone involved in the agriculture industry, and we welcome this opportunity to celebrate them. After all, we work with members of the industry every day, supplying our bearings to farmers around the country. We are proud to produce agricultural bearings that increase productivity and longevity while reducing costs and supporting our nation’s farms and farmers. In this way, we know our bearings play a role in this critical industry, and we’re thankful for their business, and for the work they do.

Currently, every American farmer feeds over 144 people; on March 18 (and every day after that!), we can all thank them for this. 

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