Tuesday, July 14, 2015

PEER Bearing Event Recap : Expo PACK Mexico

At PEER Bearing, we are committed to taking every opportunity and making it our competitive edge.  During the summer season, other companies may be stricken with slower months and some down time, but not us.  We exhibited at the EXPO PACK in Mexico just this June and experienced great success.   Our partners in Mexico were enthusiastic to promote all our solutions within the food & beverage processing industry. 

According to PMMI research Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical generates the greatest demand. By attending EXPO PACK Mexico, we gain an important position to an international marketplace that empowers us to deliver our products to Latin America and beyond.  We are committed to growing our global approach and are confident we can support any new or existing customers' needs.

While in attendance we promoted our stainless steel corrosion resistant bearing units and were happy with the successful response we received.  We look forward to building our relationships with all the new connections we made, as well as continuing to seek other opportunities that will further increase our global reach.

If you have questions about why our bearings are the best for your Food & Beverage processing please don't hesitate to contact us.