Monday, August 3, 2015

Manufacturing and Millennials: How To Get More Interest Between The Two

millennials in manufacturing Many millennials have an old stigmatism attached to manufacturing jobs.  When the term manufacturing is brought to a millennial's attention an immediate image of hard labor between man and machine within an assembly line is pictured. But the truth of the matter is manufacturing embodies so much more and has changed immensely from that ideal.

Manufacturing now heavily relies on innovation, technology, engineering, science, and business strategies.  Because of this old-fashioned view of manufacturing many millennials are missing out on opportunities for a rewarding career and fulfilling future within the industrial fields. Manufacturing companies around the country have open positions but lack skilled workers to fulfill them.

So what can be done to renew manufactures image within millennials minds, and encourage them to pursue manufacturing as their chosen career path?

First, we must debunk the myth of manufacturing jobs being labor intensive and dismal. Instead, we must promote the ideas of advancement and make them aware of the great satisfaction received knowing your work is critical towards making America run.  Also, we must promote that there are many different career opportunities within manufacturing.  Not only engineers are needed but also sales people, marketers, and management roles. Manufacturing and industrial markets are picking up and career opportunities are opening up along with this momentum.  It's important to not discount all the roles needed in the industrial fields.

Also although STEM, has been a buzzword recently we must embrace its efforts and support those interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by pointing them toward the right direction.  When millennials are interested in these fields we must help them realize that manufacturing is the perfect pursuit for them.

At PEER Bearing, we encourage all millennials searching for a rewarding and advantageous career to check out our career center website.  We just may have the right opportunity waiting for you.

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