Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tapered Roller Bearing Solutions For Industrial Equipment

Tapered roller bearing solutions for industrial equipment need to be reliable, durable, and replaceable (in the event of a new design.)   At PEER Bearing, we understand these concerns along with the demand for high quality tapered roller bearings due to extreme conditions in industrial applications.
We've manufactured tapered roller bearings for several years and have key advantages that have proven us to be the right partners for our industrial customers.  Here we list the benefits of choosing PEER Bearing as your preferred manufacturer for your industrial applications' tapered roller bearing needs.

1. PEER Tapered roller bearings are globally interchangeable.  Having interchangeable parts is crucial when existing, or new designs need replacements to avoid downtime or high repair costs.  PEER provides interchangeable inch and metric drop-in replacement solutions for your convenience allowing you to stay on task and avoid high costs.

2. PEER’s Application-specific solutions reduce internal bearing stress and extend bearing and machine life.  To ensure successful bearing operation, our Application Engineers collaborate with you to specify the right PEER solution to meet your performance requirements to provide quality lasting bearings and machine life.

3. PEER Single Row Tapered Roller Bearings offer increased axial and radial load capacity relative to other bearing types. The inherent design allows for clearance adjustment during mounting to achieve the correct bearing setting for optimized performance.

4. PEER Sealed Tapered Roller Bearings offer an integrated solution for grease lubricated applications as an economical replacement to a traditional shaft seal and bearing as individual components.

5. PEER Tapered Roller Bearing Matched Pairs are assembled and pre-packaged with cup and cone spacers required to achieve a pre-determined bench end play. The result is a major reduction in assembly time and reduced risk of early failure due to improper clearance setting.

If you're in need of tapered roller bearings for you industrial equipment, please visit our website brochures for moreinformation.  And as always to get the most up to date news about all our capabilities and news follow us on our social media channels Twitter, LinkedIn!