Monday, December 19, 2016

The Actionable Winterization Checklist for Farmers

If you are a farm owner or maintain your own homestead, it is essential that you get to work “winterizing” your property and livestock if you haven’t already. Winter is here, and if you’re new to this industry, there are a number of steps you’ll need to complete to keep things running smoothly.

Here is an actionable checklist to follow.

Items to Prepare Your Garden:

ü  Pick up all equipment from the garden, including those needed for irrigation, clean them up and store them away. If you do not do this, odd parts may get stuck in the snow blower.

ü  Construct snow fences in the areas that you want to protect from the worst of the drifts.

ü  Go ahead and sow “cover crops” like oats to ensure that the soil is not exposed to the onslaught of ice.

ü  It is also a good idea to get your soil tested for necessary minerals and trace elements so that you can add the compounds needed to regain nutrient balance for the busy seasons ahead.

Items to Prepare Your Equipment:

ü  Have the shovels and salt ready.

ü  Winterize your tractors by checking the battery, the filters and the level of anti-freeze.

ü  Check and change tires as needed. You don’t want to stay stuck with a flat during precarious and unpredictable winters.

Items to Prepare Livestock:

ü  Clean drinking water for your livestock is essential. This is one of the first things to handle. Maintain a supply that will not require frequent replenishment.

ü  Ensure that your livestock is fully immunized.

ü  Buy enough bedding and feed taking into account adjusted rations for the winter months.

ü  Conduct repairs in the barns. Change the curtains; plug in any gaps from where the chill can creep in, clean fan blades and set-up adequate ventilation.

ü  Buy and stock calf coats and calf supplies, especially if you are expecting births in the cold.

Though it is late in the season to get started, it’s always a good idea to double check your own process and make sure you’re not forgetting any steps. Now’s the time to make any last adjustments before the big freeze sets in.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Why the Manufacturing Sector Needs More Than One Month of Recognition

This October brought the latest installment of Manufacturing Month, kicked off by a very successful Manufacturing Day  on October 7th. The aim of this month-long celebration is to drive awareness to the manufacturing sector by highlighting companies and jobs that many people might not even be aware of otherwise. It also initiates conversations about the challenges facing this sector, and what we can do to solve them.

As a manufacturer and global supplier of bearing products, we are very familiar with the challenges facing not only our own industry, but also those of our customers. The agricultural community in particular is facing an issue felt by manufacturers – an aging workforce and an uninterested generation of potential workers. Farming, like manufacturing, is seen as a dirty, dangerous job that’s reserved for people with little education or other options. What they don’t see, is how far both of these industries have come thanks to new technologies.

Newer, more adaptable robots are being introduced on the shop floor each day. But these robots need highly skilled programmers to guide them. With so many lower level jobs now being automated, the manufacturing sector needs skilled workers to keep the process moving, and to design the next generation of machinery. Similarly, agriculture is seeing a shift as more farms are taking advantage of technology to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. Drones can track livestock and keep an eye on crops, while mobile apps can analyze data and track trends that can influence production. And, of course, there’s the introduction of a self-driving tractor to take some of the burden off farmers.

But how can we get more people interested in these fields? Promoting new innovations and research during Manufacturing Month in October is one way to get the word out. Hosting student groups and promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) initiatives is another great way to get kids excited about different career opportunities at a young age. Most importantly, we all need to make an effort to draw attention to our work all year round.

Monday, October 17, 2016

What to Expect at the GIE+EXPO 2016

On the heels of last year’s biggest show to date, GIE+EXPO 2016 is shaping up to be yet another major success. The latest installment of the Green Industry & Equipment Expo will feature a 19 acre Outdoor Demonstration Area, training sessions, informative speakers, and a New Products Showcase.

PEER Bearing Mower Deck Assembly
PEER Bearing will be exhibiting at the show in our usual spot, Booth #9006, where we’ll be launching a new product. Visitors will be among the first people in the world to get acquainted with our new Mower Deck Assembly that improves durability through advanced contamination exclusion technology. This technology allows for a longer bearing lifespan and minimal maintenance. Even in difficult, contaminated agricultural environments, the seal technology and progressive shaft and housing design provide an ideal barrier. The assembly features high-strength ductile iron, which is 60% stronger than aluminum, and increased bearing spread for better load distribution.

The GIE+EXPO will take place October 20-21st, 2016 at the Kentucky Expo Center, with Dealer Day taking place beforehand on October 19th. The event is co-located with Hardscape North America, allowing attendees to get an overall sense of the advancements and new ideas circulating the outdoor design world.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, guests will also be treated to 3 nights of free concerts to wind down after a long day of product demonstrations and educational sessions. And on the final day, “Fabulous Friday,” attendees can wrap up their activities and cross their fingers as the winner of a $10,000 giveaway is accepted – so don’t cut out early!
We look forward to seeing you at the show. If you have any questions about our exhibit or would like to reach out to us ahead of the show, feel free to reach out by calling 1-800-433-7337. You can also follow us on Twitter for updates from GIE+EXPO!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Do You Know Where PEER Bearings Are? Almost Everywhere!

If it spins it has a bearing. Think of all the things in your everyday life that spin: blenders, vacuum cleaners, fishing rods, washers and dryers, electric shavers, hair dryers, electric drills, fans, etc. This list goes on and on. And the list of applications for our ball bearings is just as long and goes on and on…

The reason we are in so many products is because our products make those products work better. Take, for example, an appliance like a washer or dryer. The spinning of the drum in each appliance is what drives the action, washing or drying respectively. The purpose of a bearing is simple—it reduces the friction generated during rotation, acts to support the radial and axial loads, and quiets noise and vibration.

In general, if there are moving parts there are ball bearings. Electrical applications require low noise and vibration. Bearings are the most popular choice to achieve quiet and stationary requirements. Home appliances, electric motors, and power tools all benefit from the inclusion of ball bearings to allow for higher speed operation with low drag and low vibration. The role of the bearing also extends the life of the appliance by reducing wear and stress on components.

Although we are mostly known for our work with the agricultural and lawn industry, it is our work with more commercial applications that brings us into people’s lives on a daily basis. Our brand is trusted by global industry leaders because we provide a full range of bearings that feature hardened bearing steel, optimized raceway geometry, precision accuracy, and proprietary high performance sealing options. What all this means is that PEER Bearings offer better operating efficiency, long equipment service life, and smooth and quiet operation.

We design and manufacture bearings to meet the needs of our customers to deliver exceptional performance for the end user. So, next time you do laundry, make a smoothie, turn on a fan, or use a power saw to cut wood, consider what it would be like without the superior products from PEER Bearing making those appliances operate most effectively.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

2016 Marks a Milestone for PEER Bearing—Our 75th Anniversary!

Celebrating 75 years in business is a major achievement. There aren’t many companies that can reach this mark and maintain their high quality and strong attention to customer service. Here at PEER we are proud to be a leader in ball and roller bearing solutions for the last 75 years and are prepared for another 75 at least!

Our company was founded in 1941 by Nathan Spungen in Chicago, IL. As the business grew and expanded, the company relocated to Wheeling, IL in 1978 and then to Waukegan, IL in 1999. Our first overseas manufacturing plant was opened in 1998 in China with another plant the following year to meet the global demands for our superior bearing products. In 2008 the PEER group of companies was acquired by SKF and as global expansion continued we needed offices and distribution centers around the world. With our main U.S. headquarters still in Illinois, we now have offices in China, Germany, Italy, and Mexico.

One aspect of our business that we are very proud of is our commitment to developing new products and improvements. As technologies and equipment evolve, we have been on the forefront of creating new solutions. The opening of our Research and Development Center in China in 2012 is dedicated to meeting the ongoing needs of manufacturers in innovative product design and engineering.

But, staying in business for 75 years isn’t just about the products, it’s also about the people. Without the dedication of our outstanding employees we wouldn’t have made it this far. Our employees are professionals in every way and represent the best of PEER Bearing. This is what we are most proud of.

As we spend the year celebrating, we will be honoring our past, celebrating our present, and shaping our future. We are looking forward to continuing to supply the highest quality ball and roller bearings to customers who expect the best. Our mission: to consistently meet or the exceed expectations of our customers, suppliers, and employees.

Friday, May 20, 2016

PEER Bearing Recognized by Leading Sawmill Manufacturer and Wins Award!

It is always very rewarding to be singled out for great products and services. As a manufacturer and innovator of roller bearing solutions found throughout industries such as agriculture, distribution, industrial transmission, material handling, and off-highway, we promise performance and deliver value.

We are proud to announce our latest award--Outstanding Supplier of the Year from Wood-Mizer LLC, a leading sawmill manufacturer. PEER and three other U.S. suppliers were chosen to receive the annual CREST (Corporate Recognition Exemplifying Supplier Tenacity) Award for “outstanding supplier and peak performer for excellent responsiveness.” Factors that were evaluated consisted of customer service, overall quality, delivery, cost management, and value-added support.

It is an honor to be chosen by Wood-Mizer as an outstanding supplier. Our commitment to reliability, performance, and service is valued by exceptional companies like Wood-Mizer who understand quality and the role of partnership throughout industry.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bye-Bye, El Nino… Hello, La Nina? Agriculture Industry Keeps a Watchful Eye on Changing Weather Patterns

After last year’s El Nino weather conditions, weather patterns are changing again. Scientists say La Nina will be taking over soon, affecting weather – and industries – around the world. According to a recent report, “As the effects of the most severe El Nino in almost 20 years still reverberate globally, parts of the world are already preparing for La Nina.” The agriculture industry, in particular, is keeping a watchful eye on the shifting weather patterns, as both El Nino and La Nina historically have impacted the industry.

El Nino, as cited in an informative video on the website, is described as a disruption of the whole Pacific weather system that occurs when the ocean surface warms up more than usual.. The extra heat in the atmosphere causes shifts in global weather patterns. Even though El Nino is an expected part of nature’s weather cycle, every few years there’s a “super-charged” version of El Nino (like what we experienced throughout 2015) that makes global headlines with extreme heat and higher-than-average rainfall in some areas.

Both El Nino and La Nina impact the agriculture industry, where farmers need to contend with weather patterns that can cause either too much or too little rain, depending on geographic location and other factors. “A large part of the agricultural U.S. tends to dry out during La Nina events,” according to the report. The opposite of El Nino, La Nina is a cooling of the waters in the equatorial Pacific Ocean. A NASA report says, “La Nina can also spur abnormal weather patterns across the world.” But, while she may be on her way, La Nina isn’t here yet.

Turning to history for guidance, NASA scientists predict that the shift from El Nino to La Nina will happen after June of this year. George Huffman, a research meteorologist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, says that “based on past El Nino events, rainfall associated with the global phenomenon should continue through June,” but impacts of El Nino will “take a while to propagate around the globe.” Some people within the agriculture industry predict that El Nino will stick around through August. A recent SuccessfulFarming article reports, “According to Dr. Elwynn Taylor [an Iowa State University Extension climatologist], a strong El Nino will likely still be in play until August and that means higher yields. How much higher? As of now, Taylor believes the most likely corn yield is 173 bushels per acre.”

Whichever weather pattern is in control in the coming months, with PEER Bearing solutions utilizing AGXTREME® technology, the global agricultural market will be ready! The PEER product range includes the most comprehensive offering for all agricultural implements, combines and tractors. From mild to harsh conditions, PEER high-performance bearings easily weather the elements and maximize productivity. The AGXTREME® product portfolio helps keep farming equipment in the field, operating continuously to handle farming tasks, including seeding and managing the higher-than-expected yields and crop output that often accompany changing weather patterns. For sure, with El Nino and La Nina battling for control, the global agriculture industry will be keeping an eye on the changing weather patterns for the remainder of 2016 and beyond!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Celebrate Agriculture on March 15th with National Ag Day

National Ag Day was started by the Agriculture Council of America in 1973 to recognize and celebrate the contributions of the industry. The abundance the industry provides touches our lives every day, from the food on the table to the shirts on our backs. The theme this year is Agriculture: Stewards of a Healthy Planet.

Through programs and events, Ag Day emphasizes the importance of understanding the value of agriculture in our daily lives. Agriculture plays an essential role in maintaining a strong economy, and increasing public awareness helps American understand how food, fiber, and renewable resource products are produced. As America is the largest global exporter of food it proves how our farmers have an impact worldwide

Farmers grow and distribute safe, abundant, affordable products for both domestically and globally. It is for this reason that Ag Day brings together producers, agricultural associations, universities, corporations, and government agencies to develop industry practices and science to continue to grow technologies and resources to feed a growing world population. For example, a Stanford-led team of researchers has developed a method to “estimate crop yields using satellites that can measure solar-induced fluorescence light emitted by growing plants.” Mapping growth gives the researchers a tool to study how crop yields fluctuate under changing weather conditions. This kind of research will prepare us to meet the demands of feeding the world population. The work that the agriculture industry provides us with food on our table.

At PEER we don’t need a special day to remind us of the importance of farmers and agriculture. We support the industry with top-quality agricultural and seeding and tilling solutions designed to meet the challenging environmental conditions farmers and their machinery contends with to bring us, and the world, the products we need to survive.

Our societal shift from rural communities to cities has left a void in the knowledge of where our food comes from that Ag Day hopes to fix. As spring gets underway in most of the country, the seeds are being planted for summer and fall harvests while crops are continuing to grow in temperate states like Florida and California. Every day is Ag Day in those areas! So, remember to thank a farmer on March 15th when you open the fridge!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

PEER Bearing To Attend West Pack and World Ag Expo in California Next Week

Exhibiting at trade shows and expos provide a unique opportunity that can help generate new leads, find suppliers/buyers, check out the competition, do some networking, and get publicity. In short, what you can achieve at one trade show can help generate leads for months to come.

But to accomplish all of the above you must plan carefully, choose the best shows for your market, set clear objectives, create an effective exhibition, and stand out from your competitors by offering a unique advantage. All this is an excellent way to determine the desired results and plan accordingly to get them.  

As for PEER Bearing, we're doing just that by attending not one but two tradeshows this month.

First, is the WEST PACK show at the Anaheim Convention Center February 8th-11th.  The West Pack's main focus is targeted for the packaging and material handling industry.  It is an interesting mix of attendees and exhibitors because it touches an array of markets like medical, biotech, and cyber security, all facing packaging challenges. 

What's appealing to PEER Bearing is the chance to network with all of these different markets and gain exposure on how our bearings can better streamline their material handling needs.

Simultaneously to the WEST PACK EXPO,  PEER Bearing will be at World Ag Expo in Tulare, California.  We enjoy exhibiting at the World AG Expo and gaining exposure with our end-users. It's an eye-opening expo because although everyone works in agriculture, the World Ag Expo captures a larger net than some regional exhibitions, therefore, includes more diverse farming like the harvest of nuts and berries division.

PEER Bearing team members can be found in our double-size booth located at # 4500 &4501.  We will be on hand to display and discuss the advantage of our AG XTREME catalog which includes three master offerings from the series, namely: 
  • The TILLXTREME, which is maintenance free and is up to the task of being driven harder and faster by farmers keen to improve production volumes. 
  • The SEEDXTREME, which has  revolutionized the process of sowing and drastically reduces time to market by increasing the drop capacity of producers. 
  • The TURFXTREME, which is a boon for the Lawn and Garden industry, because it is capable of contamination exclusion to prolong the life of the equipment. 

If you plan on attending the World of AG Expo, please mark your agendas to include stopping by PEER Bearing booths 4500 & 4501. We'd be happy to discuss how our products might be the solutions for your agricultural needs. Plus any excuse to discuss agriculture with like-minded individuals is reason enough to get over to our booth! See you there.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Happy News for the New Year: PEER Bearing Receives Awards and Recognition from Partners and Media in the Agriculture Industry

What a way to start off the New Year! Earlier this month, we received news that PEER Bearing is being honored with more awards and recognition from manufacturers and media in the agriculture industry. Every day, we’re grateful to our partners and customers in the targeted industries we serve who vocally, or silently, appreciate and commend us for our hard work and dedication. At PEER, we’re dedicated to supplying the highest quality bearing solutions to the agriculture industry,as well as other industries. We believe being recognized and honored with awards proves our dedication and also generates a very special feeling of appreciation among our employees. So, to our customers and industry partners – and to everyone – we say a big “thank you”! We truly appreciate the awards and honors!

PEER Bearing has been awarded “Partner-Level Performance Status” from John Deere for “Achieving Excellence” in 2015. In fact, 2015 was the 12th year in a row that we achieved this level of performance and were awarded this honor. According to Samuel R. Allen, Chairman and CEO for Deere & Company, “John Deere is committed to those linked to the land… [and] we are committed to offering products and services with differentiated value.  The Achieving Excellence process is an important part of our plan to meet this aspiration. The main objective of Achieving Excellence is to drive continuous improvement in our supply chain in a way that benefits our suppliers and John Deere.” At PEER, we’re proud and honored to be a part of the John Deere Achieving Excellence program.

More good news: We’re also very excited about having one of our Exclusive Bearing products selected as the “2016 FinOvation Award” winner! Readers of Farm Industry News selected the PEER TillXtreme bearing as their choice to receive the award. The “FinOvation Award” recognizes and highlights innovative new products and ideas in the farming industry, and the award has been given out for more than two decades. We’re honored to be the most recent recipient, and our company’s president, Brian Cohen, will be attending the 2016 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky next month to accept the award.

We promise to keep you updated as more good news, awards and recognition roll our way this year. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about PEER Bearing and our products, visit our website. Or reach out to us at 1-800-433-7337.