Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Do You Know Where PEER Bearings Are? Almost Everywhere!

If it spins it has a bearing. Think of all the things in your everyday life that spin: blenders, vacuum cleaners, fishing rods, washers and dryers, electric shavers, hair dryers, electric drills, fans, etc. This list goes on and on. And the list of applications for our ball bearings is just as long and goes on and on…

The reason we are in so many products is because our products make those products work better. Take, for example, an appliance like a washer or dryer. The spinning of the drum in each appliance is what drives the action, washing or drying respectively. The purpose of a bearing is simple—it reduces the friction generated during rotation, acts to support the radial and axial loads, and quiets noise and vibration.

In general, if there are moving parts there are ball bearings. Electrical applications require low noise and vibration. Bearings are the most popular choice to achieve quiet and stationary requirements. Home appliances, electric motors, and power tools all benefit from the inclusion of ball bearings to allow for higher speed operation with low drag and low vibration. The role of the bearing also extends the life of the appliance by reducing wear and stress on components.

Although we are mostly known for our work with the agricultural and lawn industry, it is our work with more commercial applications that brings us into people’s lives on a daily basis. Our brand is trusted by global industry leaders because we provide a full range of bearings that feature hardened bearing steel, optimized raceway geometry, precision accuracy, and proprietary high performance sealing options. What all this means is that PEER Bearings offer better operating efficiency, long equipment service life, and smooth and quiet operation.

We design and manufacture bearings to meet the needs of our customers to deliver exceptional performance for the end user. So, next time you do laundry, make a smoothie, turn on a fan, or use a power saw to cut wood, consider what it would be like without the superior products from PEER Bearing making those appliances operate most effectively.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

2016 Marks a Milestone for PEER Bearing—Our 75th Anniversary!

Celebrating 75 years in business is a major achievement. There aren’t many companies that can reach this mark and maintain their high quality and strong attention to customer service. Here at PEER we are proud to be a leader in ball and roller bearing solutions for the last 75 years and are prepared for another 75 at least!

Our company was founded in 1941 by Nathan Spungen in Chicago, IL. As the business grew and expanded, the company relocated to Wheeling, IL in 1978 and then to Waukegan, IL in 1999. Our first overseas manufacturing plant was opened in 1998 in China with another plant the following year to meet the global demands for our superior bearing products. In 2008 the PEER group of companies was acquired by SKF and as global expansion continued we needed offices and distribution centers around the world. With our main U.S. headquarters still in Illinois, we now have offices in China, Germany, Italy, and Mexico.

One aspect of our business that we are very proud of is our commitment to developing new products and improvements. As technologies and equipment evolve, we have been on the forefront of creating new solutions. The opening of our Research and Development Center in China in 2012 is dedicated to meeting the ongoing needs of manufacturers in innovative product design and engineering.

But, staying in business for 75 years isn’t just about the products, it’s also about the people. Without the dedication of our outstanding employees we wouldn’t have made it this far. Our employees are professionals in every way and represent the best of PEER Bearing. This is what we are most proud of.

As we spend the year celebrating, we will be honoring our past, celebrating our present, and shaping our future. We are looking forward to continuing to supply the highest quality ball and roller bearings to customers who expect the best. Our mission: to consistently meet or the exceed expectations of our customers, suppliers, and employees.