Tuesday, December 12, 2017

New SER Insert Bearings Designed to Maximize Conveyor Productivity

As more automated systems find their way to the factory floor, conveyors are seeing heightened demand. Conveying systems are built to move bulk products more efficiently from one place to another.

Robotic systems are now designed to handle just about any task at the plant, with limited intervention necessary from employees. Conveying equipment makes this all possible. It is a vital component in manufacturing and distribution centers, and conveyor uptime is critical to maintaining production.

To keep these systems running smoothly, reliable components such as bearings are required. PEER Bearing is meeting this need by introducing new features to our SER Bearing products. Advances to our range include:

·         Premium seal extends bearing life and provides greater contaminant resistance

·         Available in various seal options to fit your specific application requirements

·         Nylon retainer for improved misalignment capability

·         Industry standard sizing designed to be interchangeable with other industry offerings

This is just a sampling of the improvements we’ve introduced to our SER bearing line. Our goal is to improve the functionality of our products and reduce customer downtime due to maintenance. This also serves as a cost reduction in the long term.

SER bearings are commonly used in bulk handling systems, agricultural machinery, intelligent conveyor systems, unit handling conveyors, and belt conveyors.

Learn more about these conveyor bearing offerings by contacting your local PEER Bearing representative. We look forward to discussing your needs.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Join Us in Celebrating Customer and Community Service Week 2017!

No business could survive without the support of its customers. In recognition of this fact, Customer Service Week aims to celebrate customers while reaffirming our commitment to service. This year, Customer Service Week runs from October 2-6, 2017, and PEER Bearing has planned a week-long schedule of events to  mark the occasion!
PEER employees excited to give back!
At PEER, there is no better way to celebrate than by kicking-off of our annual Giving campaign and volunteer outreach. We are committed to creating meaningful change in the communities we serve through philanthropic efforts and community development activities. PEER supports programs that help make our global communities better, stronger, and more vibrant places in which to live, work, and do business.
This year, we’ll be starting with Penny Wars on Monday, October 2nd, with proceeds going to the General Funds of Community Health Charities and United Way. This will be a competitive week-long fundraiser among our teams, with the winning team receiving a pizza party! Other events planned throughout the week include a Disaster Relief Lunch with proceeds benefiting the United Way Hurricane Relief Fund and the Mexican Red Cross, games such as BINGO and a scavenger hunt, and volunteer opportunities.
Our aim is to show our appreciation to customers and staff members while giving back to those who need it most. One of our core values at PEER is Teamwork, and the Customer Service Week events we have planned all support the teambuilding initiative.
To learn more about the plans we have in store for Customer Service Week, or to inquire about donating to one of our worthy causes, please call 1-800-433-7337 for further information.
Getting everyone together to celebrate service!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Gearing Up for the Largest Outdoor Farm Event in the U.S.

As a manufacturer of a wide range of bearing solutions, agriculture is a big industry for us. This year we will be attending the Farm Progress Show 2017 from August 29-31. We’re excited to learn more about the latest in farm technology and what’s new in the field of agriculture. This show is a great way to see what’s new, connect with others in the agricultural industry, and get our hands on the latest and greatest farming equipment.


Among notable trends, we’re hoping to learn more about new mass harvesting equipment for corn growers. We’ve seen reports on multiple companies designing new corn heads to provide mass grain harvesting. Some models have been developed that can accommodate any row spacing while driving the combine in any direction. This is an exciting innovation for corn growers, as it will improve efficiency in harvesting.


We’ve also been seeing more news related to autonomous tractors and other related farm equipment. This is a trend that we definitely see picking up in the future as more equipment goes high-tech for greater productivity. It also addresses the current skills-gap, which is a pressing concern as less young people are entering agriculture.


For these trends to succeed, it’s crucial for manufacturers to select the right parts for each product. Designers should take into account the lifespan of critical components, such as bearings, to keep equipment running smoothly. We have a number of maintenance free agricultural bearings that are ideally suited to for working in harsh environments. Especially for autonomous vehicles, having maintenance free bearing options can save a lot of time and money down the road.


Representatives from PEER Bearing will be roaming throughout the Farm Progress Show, taking a look at what’s new and exciting in this sector. If you’re going to be exhibiting, we’d love to stop by and take a look at what you’ve got to offer. Let us know your booth number on Twitter, and we’ll try to pay you a visit!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Keeping Up-to-Date with the Latest Trends in Material Handling

Material handling equipment represents an integral part of the supply chain of diverse industries for storage, control and movement of items, from the raw material stage to the distribution of finished products. The rising need for global production companies to automate operations, and foster flow of goods in an efficient manner is the key force driving growth in the material handling equipment market. According to a report from Global Industry Analysts, the global market for material handling equipment is projected to reach $134.8 billion by 2020, driven by the growing emphasis on production automation.

As technology continues to evolve in leaps and bounds, the integration of some of the latest tech is becoming a major part of our everyday lives. In the material handling industry, there is a constant push to be faster, more accurate, and more efficient.

Wearable Technology

While not a new idea in material handling, the evolution of wearable tech in recent years now allows the worker and warehouse to be more agile and functional than ever before. Wearable computers and headsets for voice picking have been in use for decades. However, the next-generation wearables, including smart watches and smart glasses, offer even greater agility.

Instead of a worker needing to scan material using a wrist or hand scanner, the glasses could scan a barcode when the worker looks at it, removing steps from the process. They can also be used to display items and quantities needed, removing the need for checklists while at the same time scanning items picked to ensure they are the correct item. Smart watches could talk to RFID tags in pallets, logging what is being moved. Instead of a worker needing multiple devices, these watches and glasses also incorporate microphones and earpieces, allowing the user to communicate or receive verbal communications while on the move.

The Internet of Things

Visibility and trackability has always been an area where retailers have aimed to improve, and as the Internet of Things grows, it provides incredible promise as far as improving these aspects. RFID tags allow improved tracking and monitoring, as well as improving the efficiency of picking and packing at the warehouse level. Real-time data can be analyzed to improve operations on the fly, instead of waiting for reports and summaries later.

We invite you to look at these and other trends, and to take in the latest in packaging and processing technology for Latin America and the world at Expo Pack Guadalajara 2017, running from June 13 through June 15. One of the largest expos of its kind, it will feature manufacturers focused on the material handling industry from around the world. Our team from PEER Bearing will be in attendance as well – come visit us at Booth 2530!

One of the major industries we serve at PEER Bearing is the material handling industry, producing ball and roller bearing systems that are reliable, efficient, and adaptable. Contact us to see how we can help meet your material handling needs, and make sure to connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay up to date with the latest goings-on.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Recent Accomplishments: An Update from PEER Bearing

We are excited to share our recent honor as recipients of the John Deer Supplier Excellence Award, as well as achieving ISO 9001:2015 Certification to match the newest industry standards. As a leading manufacturer and supplier worldwide of ball and roller bearings to target sectors, we realize the benefits that these updates have for our customers, in addition to our company.

The John Deere Supplier Excellence Award recognizes PEER Bearing for providing exceptional product and service quality, as well as committing to continual improvements, as a Partner-level supplier for 2015 in the John Deere Achieving Excellence Program. The accolade is for the agricultural bearings we provide to John Deere’s operations in Des Moines, Ottumwa, and Moline.

This is our 13th year in a row to receive the John Deere Award, and we are proud to be selected year after year for this designation.

We also recently attained ISO 9001:2015 Certification to meet the updated requirements for quality management systems and quality assurance. The new standard takes into account the significant modifications in technology, diversity in the area of business, and commerce worldwide. 

What This Means for PEER Bearing and Our Clients

These updates have advantageous results for all involved. For our team, receiving the award tells us that we are on track in our efforts to provide the best bearings and services possible to customers. We take the same wholehearted approach with John Deere as we do with all other clients.

As for the higher certification, it keeps us accountable to the highest industry standards. As a result, our customers can count on receiving only top-quality products and services from us every time, regardless of the project size. Both updates demonstrate PEER Bearing’s commitment to excellence and reliability, as well as our dedication to improving ourselves.

At PEER Bearing, we look forward to continuing to manufacture and supply a diverse line of bearings for various industries, including agricultural, electrical, industrial transmission, material handling and off-highway. Contact us today for dependable ball and roller bearing solutions for your next project.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Introducing New PEER Bearing Mower Deck Spindle

Having reliable and durable equipment is necessary in lawn and garden maintenance. Any number of factors can damage equipment, so it’s important for manufacturers to create components that can stand up to pressure and environmental hazards. For this reason, PEER Bearing took an in-depth look at mower deck spindle assemblies to see how they could be improved upon. In the end, we came up with a robust solution that will increase the life of a mower deck spindle.

Our first task was to identify factors that would impact the functionality of the spindles. We determined that harshly contaminated agricultural environments and debris were a major concern. To combat the issue of contamination, we applied our TURFXTREME seal technology, coupled with specially designed shaft and housing components to block contamination. We also used high-strength ductile iron instead of aluminum for better protection against the impact of debris. The iron provides 60% greater strength than the previous aluminum housings.

In addition, we optimized the load distribution with an increased bearing spread, which should increase the lifespan of the bearings. By making these changes, we’ve designed a mower deck spindle assembly that can withstand tough environmental factors with minimal maintenance. This is a sound investment for equipment buyers, and will greatly improve functionality for workers using this landscaping gear.

For more information about this updated mower deck spindle assembly, check out the information page we have online. To learn more about our products and availability, feel free to contact us or call 1-800-433-7337.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

PEER Bearing Unveils New FLEXWORKS Center

For many companies, it’s common to need a custom bearing solution unlike what’s already available on the market. And because an entirely new product is needed, a short production run is often requested to ensure the right selection was made for the application. Unfortunately, finding a provider that has the flexibility to run smaller, customized jobs can be difficult.
For this reason, PEER Bearing has launched our new FLEXWORKS Center so that customers can request modifications to products that are already in stock. This allows for unmatched speed and flexibility in production. Customers also benefit from our expert engineering team that can walk them through product selection and customization options that are available. And because we don’t require large minimum orders, customers can order the amount that they need without getting stuck with excess inventory taking up shop space.
As far as customization options, customers can choose to modify the addition or removal of grease, shields, seals, and machining snap ring grooves. We can also add lubrication holes, bolt holes and cap mounting, in addition to laser etching, boxing, and labeling bulk items for simplicity. The goal of the FLEXWORKS Center is to make bearing selection a more streamlined process no matter what our customers’ needs are. With these new capabilities, we feel that we are achieving that goal.

To learn more about the FLEXWORKS Center for bearing customization, feel free to call us at 1-800-433-7337, or check out our information page online.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Gearing Up for World Ag Expo 2017

From February 14-16, 2017, agricultural enthusiasts and suppliers from around the world will gather for the 50th installment of World Ag Expo. The annual event brings together thousands of farmers looking for the latest products, and manufacturers showing off their wares. This is PEER Bearing’s 4th year in attendance, and we look forward to bringing our products to a different market on the West Coast.

For attendees, the show is a great opportunity to learn from the more than 1,500 exhibitors who will be educating the audience about new farm equipment and technology. There will also be a number of educational seminars that appeal to all agribusiness professionals, including many that are devoted to women in agriculture, since this is a growing group in the industry. There will even be marketing seminars to help farmers understand the increasing significance of having an online presence. And because this is a milestone year for the show, there will be a 50th Anniversary Celebration Event with a free concert and fireworks to mark the occasion.

As for equipment, PEER Bearing will be showcasing our full range of AGXTREME products, which include TILLXTREME and SEEDXTREME. These products were designed to accommodate continuous operation and keep up with the toughest demands. They also aim to make things a bit easier on the end-user – as TILLXTREME eliminates the need for relubrication, which reduces downtime and keeps fields cleaner, too. Overall, our products were designed to provide better solutions for manufacturers, and for the end-users who will be buying the finished farm equipment. We’ll be demonstrating the product range at Booth 4500-4501 at World Ag, and look forward to answering any questions visitors may have. If you’d like to get in touch before, during, or after the show, feel free to reach out on Twitter!