Tuesday, December 12, 2017

New SER Insert Bearings Designed to Maximize Conveyor Productivity

As more automated systems find their way to the factory floor, conveyors are seeing heightened demand. Conveying systems are built to move bulk products more efficiently from one place to another.

Robotic systems are now designed to handle just about any task at the plant, with limited intervention necessary from employees. Conveying equipment makes this all possible. It is a vital component in manufacturing and distribution centers, and conveyor uptime is critical to maintaining production.

To keep these systems running smoothly, reliable components such as bearings are required. PEER Bearing is meeting this need by introducing new features to our SER Bearing products. Advances to our range include:

·         Premium seal extends bearing life and provides greater contaminant resistance

·         Available in various seal options to fit your specific application requirements

·         Nylon retainer for improved misalignment capability

·         Industry standard sizing designed to be interchangeable with other industry offerings

This is just a sampling of the improvements we’ve introduced to our SER bearing line. Our goal is to improve the functionality of our products and reduce customer downtime due to maintenance. This also serves as a cost reduction in the long term.

SER bearings are commonly used in bulk handling systems, agricultural machinery, intelligent conveyor systems, unit handling conveyors, and belt conveyors.

Learn more about these conveyor bearing offerings by contacting your local PEER Bearing representative. We look forward to discussing your needs.