Thursday, January 25, 2018

See Our Agricultural Bearings in Action at the World Ag Expo 2018

This isn’t just an exposition; it’s a tradition. The year 2017 marked its 50th anniversary and the line-up for World Ag Expo 2018 is looking as strong as ever.

World Ag Expo continues to be a marketplace and a celebration of all things ag. Visitors are likely to find whatever it is they need at this year’s show. They can explore the latest breakthroughs in agricultural machinery, post-harvest equipment, and biotech advancements.

What to Expect at World Ag Expo 2018

From February 13 to 15, 2018, the International Agri-Center in Tulare, California will host 1,600 exhibitors. Suppliers and progressive agri-businesses from all over the country will display the latest techniques and products aimed at increasing farm yield.  

The 2.5 million square feet of exhibit space will be jam packed with people hungry to bring innovation to agriculture. Leaders from heavy weight agri-focused companies will be in attendance, looking for ways to promote sustainability in their operations.

The free seminars will provide insights that farmers, dairy workers and ranchers will find invaluable.

PEER Bearing at Booth 4500 Pavilion D

For those in the market for long-lasting, reliable agricultural bearings, PEER Bearing will be exhibiting at Booth 4500 Pavilion D.

PEER agricultural bearings, featuring our patented sealing technology will be on display. Our bearings have an unmatched anti-contamination capability which defies abrasive dust, fertilizer and water to last longer than competing products. Check it out for yourself as PEER performs against our competition in a side-by-side mud slurry test.

Additionally, PEER offers bearings interchangeable to common industry sizes as well as customizable solutions for extreme application needs.

To learn more about the products we’ll have on display, feel free to contact us for more information. We’d also love to meet you at the show!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Wrapping Up a Strong Year at PEER Bearing

2017 was a year filled with activity and growth at PEER Bearing. We launched new products and services, attended major industry events, and took part in community-centered initiatives. It’s hard to identify our top highlight from the year, so instead, here’s a round-up of some of our accomplishments.

New Releases at PEER Bearings

PEER Mower Deck Spindle

Mower deck spindle assemblies are vital components in landscaping equipment. We wanted to find a way to increase the life of these spindles for long-lasting performance. Since contaminants and debris are a common problem, we applied TURFXTREME seal technology and specialized shaft and housing components to block this contamination. We also adjusted the materials used to provide greater strength to the housings.

SER Insert Bearings

To keep up with heightening demand for conveying equipment, PEER released new features in[MP1]  our SER Bearing products. We’ve included premium seals to extend the life of bearings, customized seal options for different applications, industry standard sizes for interchangeability, and more. Our mission[MP2]  was to provide a superior bearing product to reduce conveyor downtime, thereby improving productivity in industrial facilities.


Sometimes, companies require a custom bearing solution and with a limited production run. It can be difficult to find a supplier willing to work on this type of project, so PEER Bearing introduced our FLEXWORKS Center to fill this need. We are able to modify in-stock products to match our customers’ requirements, providing speed and flexibility in production.

Industry Trade Shows


This past November, PEER Bearing attended AGRITECHNICA, joining more than 2,800 exhibitors and 450,000 visitors in Hanover, Germany. The event brought together buyers and suppliers, and hosted an array of workshops and forums to discuss the latest technology trends in agriculture.

Farm Progress Show

In August, we attended the largest outdoor farm event in the United States, Farm Progress. This event featured lessons on mass grain harvesting with new equipment, and autonomous tractors to increase productivity despite the current skills gap in agriculture.

Expo Pack Guadalajara

Earlier this summer, we traveled to South America for Expo Pack Guadalajara in June. It brought together material handling companies and professionals to discuss the latest products and trends. As an exhibitor at the show, we explained the benefits of our ball and roller bearing systems in the material handling sector.

World Ag Expo 2017

Way back in February PEER Bearing attended the 50th installment of the World Ag Expo. We exhibited our AGXTREME range of products, with a particular focus on TILLXTREME and SEEDXTREME. These lines are designed for demanding jobs with continuous operation. In the farm sector, where the skills gap has led to labor shortage, it’s important for equipment to keep up the pace and minimize downtime.

Community Engagement

Customer Service Week 2017

To celebrate Customer Service Week in 2017, we planned a week-long event that kicked off our annual Giving Campaign. There were a number of activities that fundraised for the General Funds of Community Health Charities and United Way. We also hosted a Disaster Relief Lunch to benefit the United Way Hurricane Relief Fund and the Mexican Red Cross. For our employees, the event provided many teambuilding opportunities while allowing us all to give back to our communities.

We’re grateful for the many opportunities that presented themselves this past year, and look forward to seeing what 2018 has in store. We already have some exciting announcements in the works, so check back throughout the year to see what we’re up to.