Wednesday, May 23, 2018

14 Years of Excellence as a John Deere Partner-Level Supplier

Reliability and quality are key to the success of any business, no matter the industry or the type of product or service. This statement is especially true when representing larger companies. It is with great pleasure that we accept the title of 2017 Partner-Level Supplier for John Deere.

What It Means to Be a Partner-Level Supplier

Partner-Level is the highest John Deere supplier status within the Achieving Excellence Program. To achieve this standing from Deere & Company involves receiving top marks as an organization on an evaluation that includes quality, cost management, technical support, and delivery.

We are proud to receive this positive designation for the agricultural bearings that we supply to John Deere facilities in Ottumwa, Des Moines, and Moline. Being at Partner-Level means that we supply high bearing quality and exceptional services, all with a mindset on continuous improvement.

The John Deere program dates back to 1991. It began as a way to provide suppliers with evaluation and feedback to encourage continuous improvement, a purpose that still holds great merit for businesses and customers today.

How Our Customers Benefit

Receiving Partner-Level status as a John Deere supplier is a testament to PEER Bearing’s commitment to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. Continuous improvement is the vehicle that will allow us to remain a leader of all 3 of those areas.

We constantly re-evaluate and re-work aspects of our business to achieve the best possible outcomes, from materials research to product testing and development. We also regularly use special testing equipment to measure hardness, tensile strength and more, for optimal bearing quality.

Quality management systems are also a priority for us, with employees receiving training on quality processes and principles. Only by providing quality products will we earn customer trust and continue to be a preferred global supplier. Our distribution centers are ISO 9001, while the manufacturing centers have a TS 16949 certification.

We Are Here for You

PEER Bearing is proud to win this John Deere supplier award for the 14th consecutive year. This thrill is one that we do not tire of but instead, hold in the highest regard. We also see the title as motivation to keep exceeding customer expectations and providing the best bearing quality possible. Find out more about bearings for your next project today.


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