Thursday, August 9, 2018

What to Expect at the 2018 Farm Progress Show

Since 1953, the Farm Progress Show has gathered farmers from across the country for several days of displays, demonstrations, and conversations. The annual show alternates between two locations, Decatur, Illinois and the host city this year, Boone, Iowa. This show will be held August 28 through August 30 and provides farmers with an opportunity to become more involved in the greater Ag community and meet with major manufacturers to explore their latest offerings.

Must-See Field Demonstrations

This year’s Farm Progress Show will include tests and demonstrations of the latest farming equipment across two hundred acres of field harvesting. The show will feature Ride ‘N’ Drives from all major manufacturers, including Case IH, John Deere, Agco, Titan, auto manufacturers with new pick-ups, and an array of ATV and UTV companies. Several acre-sized driving courses will also be available for farmers to test machinery themselves.

Aside from Ride ‘N’ Drives, field demonstrations will include competitions between harvest demos. Among these events will be a race between deep-tillage machines. Standard deep-tillage machines should continue to remain popular, but more recent high-speed models from Europe will undoubtedly gain much attention.

Because harvest season usually doesn’t begin until after August, the organizers of the Farm Progress Show have carefully prepared for these field demonstrations for the past several months. In order to have 360 acres of corn ready for attendees, the event’s organizers planted early quick-growing hybrids by late April. With several months of rain, the usual summer heat, and some final adjustments in the days before the event, the fields will be completely ready for the show.

Looking Forward to This Year's Harvest

The Farm Progress Show is a special occasion that gives farmers the opportunity to meet fellow farmers and learn about the latest developments in the greater Ag community. Just as importantly, it provides an opportunity to connect with the industry’s leading manufacturers and distributors, helping farmers forge strong working relationships with their suppliers.

Since harvest season follows shortly after it, the Farm Progress Show is also an ideal time to ensure that your equipment is in top operating condition. This means that you should thoroughly inspect and clean combines before going into the field to minimize the risk of lost time. It also means giving yourself plenty of time ahead of harvest to purchase and replace any weathered or missing components, inspecting all bearings and augers, as well as belts, hoses, and gears.

As a leading supplier and manufacturer of the highest quality agricultural bearings in the industry, PEER Bearing is dedicated to developing cost-effective, reliable bearing solutions for farms of every size. We look forward to meeting current customers and prospective clients alike at this year’s Farm Progress Show and helping them take advantage of the coming harvest season.

With more than 1,600 employees based in the United States, China, Germany, Brazil, and Italy, PEER Bearing works to strengthen agriculture around the world. If you’d like to explore our durable agricultural bearings, contact us for more information.